Removal of floor tiles surbiton surrey

This was a slightly different job compared to our normal roof removals. We were working on removing asbestos floor tiles for a client. They wanted to put a new floor down but weren’t able to remove the tiles because they suspected that they contained asbestos. We came to the site and inspected and tested and were able to confirm that the tiles did contain asbestos and would need to be professionally removed so the client could put their new floor down. We started by taking all of the floor tiles up. Asbestos bitumen was then used to seal ready for the new floor to be layered. Asbestos bitumen glue & adhesive was used to secure and seal the asbestos tiles. All the asbestos was taken to a licensed waste site where it was safely disposed of. The site was then cleared up and left tidy for the client to begin to lay their new floor. This job was completed in Surbiton in Surrey. You can see the before, during and after photos of this job.




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