Asbestos garage renewal epsom

During this job we focussed on replacing a garage roof. Rather than complete demolition the client wanted a renewal which us here at Clearaway also specializes in. We tested and confirmed asbestos to be present in the existing roof. We had to clear some of the surrounding trees to make way for the work to be completed. Our team then worked on safely removing the asbestos contaminated materials and took it to a local and licensed waste site. Once the roof had been completely taken off and all asbestos was removed and cleared we were then able to work on the roof replacement. This was replaced with corrugated cement fibre sheets. This gives a much nicer look and it’s completely free of asbestos. This is a sturdy material and perfect for a garage roof. This job was completed in Epsom. You can see in the photos how the garage looked before and after asbestos removal and completion. The client was very happy with the work that we did for them and love their new roof.



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