Welcome to Clearaway Asbestos
Welcome to Clearaway Asbestos
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Asbestos Shed/Barn/Outbuilding Removal and Garden Clearance

Due to the fantastic good insulation properties and having a high resistance to heat, asbestos was used in a lot of sheds, barns and outbuildings in the gardens of many homes. This is something that you might not think about, but it can cause a significant risk.

If you are looking to demolish a structure in your garden, it is best to call us here at Clearaway to come and help. We can safely check and test to see if asbestos is present before removing it. We can then work on just removing the asbestos-contaminated material and replacing it or demolishing the whole structure.

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Garden Clearance

When we remove old or disused garden structures, we occasionally come across asbestos that was used in the construction at the time of building. If you suspect asbestos might be present in your garden, please call us immediately and do not be tempted to remove or dispose of it yourself, as this could disturb it and cause it to become airborne. Here at Clearaway Asbestos, we are fully equipped to deal with the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos and Asbestos products.

asbestos shed asbestos shed

Asbestos Concrete Shed Removal in Chessington

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Asbestos Shed Removal

Asbestos timber shed removal in Chessington Asbestos timber shed removal in Chessington

Asbestos timber shed removal in Chessington

removes asbestos from domestic properties removes asbestos from domestic properties

Asbestos Timber Shed Removal

Asbestos Removal and Demolition in Hersham
Asbestos Removal in Hersham
Asbestos demolition in Hersham

Asbestos roof and brick built shed at rear of garden removed completely in Hersham