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Asbestos Services

Clearaway Asbestos offers a range of different services to suit any job. We specialise in asbestos surveys and testing. We will send all samples to a lab to assess them and determine if asbestos is present. If so, we will then work on a plan to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos-containing material (ACM).

Some of the common ACMs found in the home include roof slates and rainwater goods, roof felts, soffit boards, window panels, window boards, ceiling and wall panels, stippled ceiling finish (Artex), toilet cisterns, bath panels, vinyl floor tiles and black adhesive, asbestos-backed lino, old electrical equipment, and heating systems (boiler and pipe insulation, flue pipes and insulation boards). External ACMs include corrugated cement roofs and garage ceilings.

Asbestos services

What services can we provide?

Here at Clearaway, there are a range of services that we can provide for you suited to any job and location. These include: