asbestos removal process
Asbestos is a common component that you might find in old domestic as well as commercial buildings. So while removing or handling asbestos, you must keep a few things in mind. Always wear PPE kits while handling asbestos-based materials. Keeping yourself exposed to asbestos for a long time can give rise to a difficult situation. For proper asbestos removal in Sutton, approach professionals. They have the tools and experience to handle the process properly, ensuring all safety guidelines have been met. 
Let’s say you’ve found asbestos in your property and released the fibres into the air. It will keep moving in and around in the atmosphere endangering the lives of people living on the property for ages to come.

Things to avoid during the asbestos removal process

Do not cut asbestos

Let’s say you’ve found asbestos in the corner of the room, and you decided to cut the asbestos into pieces. Cutting asbestos will produce many asbestos threads that will eventually get mixed into the air. Threads of asbestos will contaminate the whole atmosphere in and around the property. You might be aware that inhaling asbestos is harmful; hence, when you cut the it, you’ll be under risk.

Do not water blast the asbestos products

If you think using a water jet and washing off the asbestos traces can clear off the premises, then you’re wrong. When the asbestos gets wet, the fibres gradually come out again leading to contamination. You must never deploy this technique to remove asbestos from the property. Moreover, under the pressure of the water, chunks of asbestos might fly off here and there unknowingly.

Do not use power tools to drill asbestos

As mentioned above, cutting and drilling of asbestos is not allowed. This is because drilling is a more harmful way of spreading the dust generated from asbestos around the property.

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