Some Common Spaces in Your Home Where You Can Find Asbestos

Was your residence built at least four to five decades ago? Then, you should be alert regarding the presence of asbestos in the property. Asbestos, once regarded as a great material for insulation, is now identified as a harmful substance. It consists of fine fibres, which can affect the human lungs, causing various respiratory problems.

The Importance of Checking and Removing Asbestos:

As a homeowner, determining the presence of asbestos in your property might be a bit challenging. However, to ensure healthy living, you must eliminate it with the help of a professional in asbestos removal in Richmond. They can also assist you in proper testing with modernised tools.

Common Spaces Where You May Find Asbestos:

To find the presence of asbestos in your home, you should check various areas. We talk about some common spaces in the following part of this blog.

Garage Roof: Most properties built between the 1960s and 1980s had asbestos garage roofs. This material was noted for its impeccable heat insulation, which protected vehicles inside the garage from overheating. Demolition is the best option to remove the asbestos from the garage roof. Take the help of a licensed asbestos removal professional to perform this job safely and efficiently.
Walls: You can find asbestos on the property’s walls in the form of fibrous cement sheeting. These are also known as ‘fibro’, a bonded form of asbestos metal. Demolishing the walls can be dangerous as it can spread the fine asbestos fibres into the air. 
Flooring: Does your home have linoleum and tile flooring? Then, you can confirm that it may have been supported with white asbestos. This has comparatively greater asbestos fibre content than regular asbestos cement. As these are loosely bound, the asbestos can yield dangerous results.
Insulation: We have repeatedly pointed out that asbestos was known for its insulation properties. Being a flame retardant, the material was once used on ceilings, stoves and domestic heating systems. These asbestos materials are generally friable. As a result, they can become airborne easily. As a result, it has a greater risk of affecting users with respiratory problems.
Kitchen and Bathroom: In certain properties, you may also find asbestos installations in the kitchen and bathroom. These, too, are friable, and the finer fabrics of the asbestos can affect the users’ health. You must contact a reliable asbestos removal expert to remove them from these two spaces for good.

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