If you live in a classical-themed property, there are chances you may find asbestos installations in different areas. It was used as a popular material for construction during the 1960s and 1970s. However, the trend of using asbestos slowly waned after the 1980s. Now, it has been proved that asbestos is a harmful substance. It is linked to different respiratory issues.

Why use an Asbestos Removal Professional?

To guarantee safe living, homeowners now take steps to remove asbestos from their property. It is a highly challenging task that needs to be performed by professionals. Therefore, you can see the rising demand of various service providers.

Details About the Asbestos Testing Process:

Before removing the harmful material from the property for good, the professionals need to follow certain steps. One of the important steps is to test the presence of asbestos in the property. An accurate assessment helps detect the material, enabling a smooth removal procedure.

Here are certain important steps regarding asbestos testing followed by an asbestos removal expert.

  • Inspection: Checking the potential areas of concern is a vital task for testing the presence of asbestos. The removal experts are well-trained in this process and can check all corners. This includes building materials, insulation and sheds. With the help of specialised materials like air samplers and optical microscopes, the inspection process becomes easier for them.
  • Sampling: Taking samples from the areas containing asbestos is a vital part of testing. Swiping and brushing the surface is the most popular method to perform this task. After collecting the samples, the experts take those to an accredited lab. They are expected to perform testing and analysis.
  • Testing and Analysis: After sampling comes the vital process of testing and analysing the asbestos. The professionals take the sample to a research lab. It comprises qualified testers. They use modern testing procedures. This helps in determining the presence of asbestos fibres in the sample. After tests, the lab will produce a report with its key findings.
  • Removal: Once all these processes are done, the asbestos removal professionals start the safe removal of the material. They follow specialised techniques and safety gear to mitigate the risk of exposure. It helps them work with the harmful material without any worries. They can perform tasks like containing, encapsulating, and physically removing the asbestos.
  • Monitoring the Air: After removing the asbestos from the property, the experts test the air quality. They perform this with the help of air monitors. This process is necessary to guarantee the residents a safe living space. It also helps determine whether all ACM particles have been removed from the environment.

These are the vital asbestos testing processes which you should definitely know about. To remove asbestos safely from your home, you can contact a reliable source like Clearaway Asbestos Services. Our company is one of the prominent names in asbestos removal and we have asbestos removal experts. They have considerable experience in this job and we follow all the safety measures. This ensures a smooth removal of harmful material from your property. To learn more about us, you can visit our website.

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