How Prolonged Asbestos Exposure Can Harm Human Health Significantly?

As you may have known by now, asbestos is harmful to human health. It is considered a toxic substance that is a primary cause of various respiratory diseases. Some may even put you at death risk. So, if you live in an old or classic-themed property, it is better to get it checked for asbestos and remove it efficiently.

The Presence of Asbestos in Properties:

In older properties, you can find asbestos in various parts, including the heating system and ceilings. After a certain time, the asbestos fibres start depleting and turn into finer flakes. These are dangerous for human health, putting at risk various hazards. So, you must not wait to get them removed with the help of a reliable service for asbestos removal in Croydon.

Health Hazards of Prolonged Exposure to Asbestos:

A number of people have increasing concerns about the health issues that asbestos can contribute to. We discuss them in the following part of the blog.

Lung Cancer: Medically known as mesothelioma, it is one of the common dangers posed by asbestos goods. The disease first affects your lungs, where the microscopic, sharp edges of asbestos fibre puncture the lung surface. It then slowly reaches the abdominal cavity and heart cavities. You can compare this to a slow poison, as the effect of mesothelioma hits after 30 to 40 years of asbestos exposure. To prevent this, you must get help from the experts in the initial stage.

Asbestosis: Upon looking at the name, you might have identified the nature of the disease. It is a chronic lung disease that is caused by asbestos exposure. The primary symptoms include shortness of breath and persistent dry cough. The asbestos causes scar-like tissue, which is known as pulmonary fibrosis. You might not understand its effects until 5 or 10 years of exposure. However, sometimes, the health condition may improve when asbestosis is diagnosed in the early stage.

Pleural Abnormalities: The pleura is the lining of the chest cavity, which can be affected by prolonged exposure to asbestos. Though these are non-cancerous in nature, you should remain extremely careful. There are four primary diseases that can affect the pleural area:

  • Fibrosis and Diffuse Thickening of the Pleura
  • Folded lung, medically termed as rounded atelectasis,
  • Pleural plaques caused by locally deposited collagen
  • Pleural effusion, formed by fluid deposition

These critical issues can affect your health due to prolonged asbestos exposure. Even the inhalation of these fibres can prove to be harmful to you and your family. As a solution, you should communicate with a professional source to remove the harmful material from your property.

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