Asbestos Shed & Concrete Garage Asbestos Clearance in Dorking

The durable goods once made from asbestos included roof tiles and pipes. The dangers of asbestos are very real, but we’ve got you covered! We’re the pros when it comes to removing any form of asbestos from your property, no matter how big or small. Special precautions must be taken when working with asbestos, as it is highly dangerous. The right professional has the knowledge and experience needed for handling any type of asbestos clearance in Dorking. We’re committed to doing the job right, so you can be assured that your needs will always come first. You can always count on us for fast service, high-quality workmanship and great prices because that’s what you deserve! We will help you identify any potential asbestos in your building. We take pride in our ability to leave no trace behind when the job is done. No mess, no fuss.

Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos Roof Renewal & Asbestos Clearance in Dorking

The roof over your head not only provides shelter but also keeps you safe from rain and snow. That’s why they’re so important. If your roof has been affected by asbestos, you can rely on us not only to remove your roof but also to replace it. With our extensive background in the field, we are more than just an ordinary company; it’s what sets us apart from others. You can rest assured that your job is in good hands with our professional team. We work quickly and efficiently to get the task done right away so you won’t have any trouble later on down the road!

If you’re looking to stay warm this winter, look no further than our three layers of felt in your roof! With all that protection and insulation from the elements it will be hard not being totally cosy at night. On the other hand, flat roofs also offer an excellent choice for homes.

Asbestos Artex & Asbestos Ceiling & Floor Tiles

It is important to have an expert inspect your home before you start renovating. Asbestos can be found in many places, so it’s best not to take any chances with this deadly substance! Homeowners often find this dangerous material on their ceilings and walls in the form of artex.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to see asbestos, meaning you will need to have samples tested to determine whether your home is contaminated. We’re going to keep you safe and sound! We also use commercial-grade air filters to ensure good air quality in your home.

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    Asbestos Demolition & Building Strip Outs

    Asbestos is a dangerous material that has been linked to cancer. If you believe your home or business may contain it, contact an expert today for help removing the hazardous substance safely without risk! Moreover, we are experts in demolishing properties without releasing toxic asbestos fibres into the air. When you need to get rid of something quickly, contact our team! We don’t want you to settle for anything but the best when it comes time for your next project. Our team of the most experienced, qualified and dedicated individuals will take on any task you throw their way with ease! With our commitment to safety, we will never compromise your well-being. We work hard to ensure that your family’s home is free of any asbestos. We’re always looking for ways to be environmentally conscious and we recycle everything that can.

    Furthermore, our firm is committed to maintaining the original fabric of buildings. We are detail people, and we pay attention to every last inch of your home. The team starts by performing a detailed survey to check for asbestos before they can begin their project. We’re committed to being environmentally conscious, always respecting the original architecture and recycling where possible.

    Asbestos Testing / Sampling

    Clearaway’s rigorous testing ensures that all of their products are safe for use. They send samples to an accredited asbestos lab in the UK.

    Management Surveys Air Testing / Clearance Certificates in Dorking
    The team at Clearaway Asbestos are the best in their field when it comes to removing asbestos from residential properties. You can feel confident that our skilled team will take care of all your needs!

    Refurbishment and Demolition (R&D) Survey in Dorking
    The importance of ensuring that your projects don’t involve dangerous materials cannot be overstated.